Hive removals

We specilize in removing unwanted colonies from structures. This process includes the removal of honey comb, brood and the bees from the structure to a new and safe location. If the bees are exterminated and the comb is not removed, it opens up a emensly vauable food source to unwanted pests such as mice, ants, wasps, yellow jacktets, cock roaches, etc... this is why the COMPLETE colony extraction is so important.

Gary Acromite - "We had a big problem; two separate hives, located 30 feet up in the eaves of our house. They were a constant source of concern and inconvenience.  We were committed to saving the colonies, but didn't know who to turn to.  We knew it would be a difficult job, require special experience, and we wanted someone committed to saving both colonies but were unsure if that was even possible.  Luckily for us, we found Ash Tree Apiary.  Not only did Matt handle the hive and colony extraction timely and efficiently, we received a welcomed education about bee colony development and preservation.  After a difficult scaffolding setup, both colonies were removed and relocated - bee problem solved and preserved in new and productive place.  Our whole experience went from what started as a nightmare with no idea how to resolve, to a happy ending - all thanks to Ash Tree Apiary".

Honey and Other Bee Product Sales

We sell honey! I like to coin the term Honey Crafter. We offer varietal honeys based on different placement of hives. Honey can vary widely in taste, texture, colors aromas etc... all based on what the bees forage on that particular season. That it why hive placement is so crucial to craft the best honey possible. Here is an example of varieties of honey from one side of town through the other side of town simply by placement of the hives.

Honey Jars

We also sell pollen in limited quantities and processed wax. we do not sell honey comb as wax it the most diifucult for bees to produce. The bees can only produce wax for a short period of time throughout their short little life cycle. this makes it improtant to keep the wax in the frames for the bees.



We do offer pollination services but on a small scale. We pollinate small orchards, CSA gardens, back yard gardens and tree farms are examples of what we offer to pollinate. Our bees stay local and will never go to another state for pollination services. We try to stay as local as possible and remain in the Northern Colorado Front Range area.


We also offer educational services. We will place and maintain observation hives in schools, municipal buildings and any other site desired. Speaking and educational classes are also offered.We feel that through education people feel safer and welcome the honey bees into their thoughts and lives and realize the role and imporance of the honey bee.